Quick Reference Public Works

Graffiti Hotline - 626-307-1449
  • To report graffiti on public property
  • Report on-line at: GoMPK
Athens Services - 626-336-6100
  • To schedule bulky item pick up
  • For repairs or missing trash cans
  • To report missed collections
  • To order bin service
  • For Street Sweeping information
Southern California Edison - 800-655-4555
  • To report street lights that are out, damaged or cycling on and off.
  • Report on-line at SCE Outage Center: SCE Outage Center
Pothole Hotline - 626-307-2585
  • To report pot holes on your street or any where in the City.  
  • Report on-line at: GoMPK
Sidewalk Repairs - 626-307-1320
  • To report damaged sidewalk on your street or anywhere in the City. 
  • Report on-line at: GoMPK
Tree Trimming  -  626-307-1292
  • To request public tree trimming services
  • Report on-line at: GoMPK