Construction & Demolition Recycling

Recycle Your Construction Waste Material
Did you know waste material generated from your job-site can be recycled? Waste generated in California from construction sites makes up approximately 22% of total refuse. The California Integrated Waste Management Board Act of 1989 (AB 939) mandates all jurisdictions to divert at least 50% of discarded materials from landfill disposal. The City of Monterey Park is required to implement the Debris Management Program. All applicants who apply for a building permit with the Building and Safety Division must complete a debris management report.

The debris management report is a two part application with the following requirements. If your job is:
  • 1,000 square feet or less, you only need to complete part one.
  • Roof removal, repair, and/or replacement, you only need to complete part one.
  • Over 1,000 square feet and you are self-hauling the waste material, you must complete part two as well as part one. Submit part two prior to final inspection. Failure to complete part two will result in a $500 cash security performance bond for your next project and the inability of pulling a permit for one.
Any applicant who contracts Athens Service is only required to complete part one. Athens Services is the ciy's contract refuse collector and all recycling information from waste materials is directly reported to the city.

Additional Information
As of June 01, 2007 Municipal Code 6.08.150 states no commercial and/or industrial business within the city shall retain the services of any collector other than the authorized service dealer (Athens Services). An exception is the Debris Management Program whereby the contractor self-hauls his/her waste material from the job-site. Per the city's Green Building Standards Code, at least 60% of waste must be documented as being reused at the job-site and/or disposed at a state approved recycling facility.

The CIWMB has a database available of all approved facilities. For more information please visit the C and D Debris Recyclers Database or contact the Engineering Division at 626-3071320. View the Construction and Debris Management form online.