Airplane Noise

Sign up for LAX Noise Management Email Notifications

The LAX Noise Management webpage offers a new feature allowing individuals in the community to sign up to receive email notifications regarding aircraft flight activity and other aircraft noise-related information. The process for signing up is simple by visiting the LAX Noise Management’s website at and look for the "Aircraft Noise Notifications" form to input the required information (email address, city and zip code) and then click the subscribe button. A short email validation process then follows.

Low Flying Aircraft

Report aircraft that you suspect are flying below their designated altitude of 2,500 feet (sea level). Contact the airport via telephone at 424-64-NOISE (424-646-6473) or log your complaint on the LAX Noise Management website.Plane landing Opens in new window

To Report a Noisy or Low Flying Airplane


Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has previously provided an overview of the number of flights that extend over Monterey Park and the altitude. View statistics (PDF) on flights online.

Community Noise Roundtable

The LAX Community Noise Roundtable was created in September 2000 to provide an interactive forum to address current aircraft noise issues associated with aircraft operations to, from and at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Membership of the Roundtable consists of local elected officials and staff, representatives of congressional offices, members of recognized community groups, the FAA, the airlines and LAWA. This forum provides a mechanism to identify and address noise concerns by recommending courses of action to LAWA, the FAA, or other responsible entity that could reduce noise over affected communities.               

LAWA provides a public forum to express concerns about airport operations at Community Noise Roundtable meetings that are held at the airport on a bimonthly basis. Visit the roundtable website for meeting info, agendas, recaps and presentation and correspondence documents.     

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