The city's street lighting system consists of 3,359 streetlights. The city owns 365 of these, the rest are owned by Southern California Edison. The lighting system minimizes nighttime vehicular accidents, reduces nighttime crime while aiding police patrols, facilitates evening traffic flow and promotes local business and industry during the evening hours.

Reporting a Streetlight Outage

To report streetlight outages, you can call the Edison Company 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The phone number is listed on your electric bill: 800-655-4555. Streetlights can also be reported at Southern California Edison Outage Center. When calling Edison, be specific on the address or location of the inoperative light and be Streetlight 2prepared to tell them the nearest cross street. If you can give them the utility pole identification number (it starts with E), service can be provided much faster and easier.