Banner Pole

Banner Locations

There are six banner pole locations throughout the city. Banners are limited to advertising or commemorating city-sponsored or approved events within the city. One banner can be placed at each location. Banners may be displayed for a maximum of three weeks. Requests are on a first come first serve basis. The locations of the banners are:

  • Garvey Ave - 200 feet west of New Avenue
  • Atlantic Blvd - 200 feet north of First Street*
  • Garfield Ave - 200 feet north of Garvey Avenue
  • Atlantic Blvd - 200 feet north of Garvey Avenue
  • Garvey Ave - 200 feet west of Garfield Avenue
  • Garfield Ave - 250 feet north of Pomona Blvd

Permit Fee

The cost of banners are $281.52 per banner per location for each three-week period.

Other Information

Commercial advertisements, religious, and political messages are prohibited. Banner content must be approved by the Engineering Division. Banners must meet Engineering Division specifications. Applications must be filed at least 20 working days prior to the week in which the display is to begin. Contact us at 626-307-1320 if you have any questions.

* - Location is currently under renovation.

Important Documents

You may view the application and specifications of required banner hardware online.