Utility Billing

Billing Options

The city offers several ways to pay the bimonthly water and trash utility bill:
  • By automatic withdrawal from a bank account using our free "Easy Pay" service.
  • Via online or phone payment. To make a free online payment please visit our online bill payment system (external link) or call the automated service at 855-288-1490. Credit card or electronic check payments are accepted 24 hours a day and credited to accounts on the next business day. Limit of $250 per payment. Bills in excess of $250 should be paid in multiple transactions when utilizing the online/phone system.
  • In person at the city hall cashier.
  • Drop box at city hall west entrance for after hours deposits. Box is opened on business days. Please bring your own envelope.
  • Via a traditional check-in-the-mail using instructions included with the bill.

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