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The City of Monterey Park, located just six miles east of Los Angeles, encompasses 7.72 square miles and has approximately 64,000 residents. It is a full-service city, providing complete fire / emergency medical services, police, library, and infrastructure maintenance.

About the Department

For the Monterey Park Fire Department, it is entrusted with the responsibility of providing the community and its citizens with the highest level of standard care and emergency response in regards to the preservation of lives and property. Typical of most other Southern California cities, Monterey Park is subjected to naturally occurring events such as earthquakes, brush fires, flooding, and mud slides. Personnel also respond to numerous human-caused hazards as well, e.g. building fires, environmental hazardous conditions, multi-casualty medical events, and numerous other catastrophic occurrences. Three of the most heavily traveled interstates and state highways border this city and therefore also responds to numerous transportation related incidents.

FirefightersThe Monterey Park Fire Department offers a unique opportunity to those interested in making a career in the field of fire science, fire technology, emergency medical services, and fire prevention and safety. The Fire Department also provides opportunities to those who wish to observe and experience the fire industry before making a permanent career choice.

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If you are interested in a position with the Fire Department, whether permanent or voluntary, please view what opportunities are available and to obtain additional information. The following are open for continuous recruitment.