Paramedic Ambulance Membership Program

The Program

The Fire Department provides emergency ambulance service by paramedics highly trained in the use of advanced life support systems. These employees are seasoned medical professionals whose specialty is saving lives.

As part of the emergency ambulance program, residents and in-town busiParamedicsnesses can enroll in the city's Paramedic Ambulance Membership Program for a nominal cost per year to save out-of-pocket expenses associated with emergency ambulance transport costs by Monterey Park paramedics.


The average cost of emergency ambulance service is $1,750. The cost can be higher based on the medication, tools, and equipment used. A non-transport or patient assessment call can cost $254 or more. As most insurance companies, Medicare and Medi-Cal do not pay the entire bill or cover all fees, the patient is responsible for the remaining bill. As a subscriber to this program, the remaining costs are covered by the Paramedic Ambulance Subscription Program.

For Monterey Park residents, the cost is $50 per year. The program year is October 1 through September 30.

For Monterey Park businesses located in-town, the cost is $50 per 10 employees with the maximum rate set at $750 per year for 141 employees or more. The program year is July 1 through June 30 and covers all employees for emergency calls during the business' normal operating hours.

Easy Payments

If you are a resident or business who receives a City of Monterey Park water / rubbish bill, you may choose to make installment payments every two months on your water / rubbish bill. For example, a membership subscription of $50 per year equates to $8.33 every two months. To choose this option, simply mark the box next to easy payment on your application. Members who pay via the water / rubbish bill will receive the additional benefit of automatic renewal service each year.

To become a member, print out the application, complete the required information, and mail it, along with your payment, to: 

City of Monterey Park Fire Department
320 W. Newmark Avenue
Monterey Park, CA 91754.

For more information please contact the department at 626-307-1423 or email the Fire Administration.