Code Compliance

Code Compliance is a Division of the Fire Department.  The objective of the Code Compliance Division is to educate and maintain a safe and healthy living and working environment for our residents, businesses, and visitors.  Code Compliance maintains and improves the quality of our community through the administration of a fair and unbiased enforcement program designed to foster community engagement and correct municipal code violations.

Code Enforcement Officers work both in the field and in the office. In the field they investigate complaints, conduct on site inspections, and determine when a violation of the City's Municipal Code exists and work with property owners to achieve voluntary compliance. In the office, officers research the municipal code; as well as zoning, environmental, building and land use regulations to determine compliance.  Code Enforcement Officers also conduct proactive enforcement when necessary. Officers respond to all questions and concerns, and protect the privacy rights of complainants and violators within the limits of the law.

The primary goal of Code Compliance is to determine if there is a violation, and then seek voluntarily compliance from to correct the violation. If voluntary compliance is not obtained, a fair and unbiased compliance process is initiated that includes correction notices, administrative citations, office conferences, public nuisance hearings, inspection and abatement warrants, or prosecution may be used to achieve compliance.

To accomplish Code Compliance's goal, we partner with residents, property owners and businesses within our City.  We are looking to increase public awareness of our City’s Ordinances and Municipal Codes and to seek voluntary compliance when violations are identified.   

Report a Matter to Code Compliance

To report a matter to Code Compliance,  you may if you use the Monterey Park GoMPK App. 

You many also contact the Code Compliance Division by calling 626-307-1415 or by emaling When leaving a message, please provide the exact address or location, the description of the issue or inquiry, and your name, telephone number and email.