Scan & Save

Do you have some VHS tapes or a box of photos you have been meaning to digitize? Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library cardholders can use the Scan & Save Memory Station, a free, do-it-yourself space where you can digitize your personal collection of videotapes, photographs, slides, negatives, and documents onto your own flash drive.

The scanners are available on Monday from 3 to 7 p.m. and Thursdays from 2 to 6 p.m. Appointments and a signed User Agreement (PDF) are required to use the equipment. For more information, please contact Adult Services at 626-307-1368.

Scan and Save Banner with multiple photos of people
  1. Scan & Save guidelines
  2. frequently asked questions (faqs)
  • To use the station – Make an appointment in advance and present your Library card. A User Agreement (PDF) must be signed in order to have access to the station.
  • Appointments – Available on Thursdays from 2-4 pm and 4-6 pm for two hours. Call Adult Services at 626-307-1368 for an appointment.
  • Late Policy – If you are over 15 minutes late, your reservation will be canceled, and the room will be available for the next appointment.
  • Age Policy – Reservations must be made and used by Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library cardholders, age 18 and older.
  • User Liability – The individual who makes the appointment will be considered the main user and is responsible for any damages or misuse of equipment.
  • Food and Beverages – Food and drink are NOT allowed. Food and drink can damage the media equipment as well as attract pests that can damage materials.
  • Saving Your Files – You must save your work on a personal, external memory source. Files cannot be stored on the Library's computers.
  • Storage of Personal Items – Hard drives or other personal items needed for saving or transferring files cannot be stored at the Library. Materials brought to the Library for scanning must remain with the user at all times.
  • Staff Assistance – The Scan & Save station is staffed by a Library employee. Staff can provide basic information and assist in using the scanner and other equipment, but the work must be done by the person making the appointment.
  • Transfer of copyrighted materials using the Scan & Save Memory Station is prohibited. By law, individuals cannot transfer copyrighted material unless: 1) user obtained permission from the copyright holder, or 2) the transfer is for fair use purposes.
  • Liability Limitation – All users must agree to hold the library harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, obligations, or liabilities directly or indirectly related to the use of its computing and information resources, caused thereby, or arising therefrom.