Digital Storytelling Project

This collection of 24 digital stories documents the experiences of people coming to and living in Monterey Park and in California. The stories feature three topics of people, places and events. Highlights include stories about local theatre productions and plays, family stories about immigrating to the United States and to Monterey Park, stories from local artists and authors, the establishment of East Los Angeles Community College, and general experiences in the community.

About the Digital Storytelling Project

Anyone with access to the Internet can watch this collection of digital stories. Digital stories were recorded in the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library and in the local community. Storytellers contributed photographs and videos from their personal collections to create these miniature two-to-five minute films highlighting their experiences.


Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library was selected in 2010 to be a participant in the California of the Past: Digital Storytelling Grant Program. This project is supported by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act. The goal of the California of the Past: Digital Storytelling Grant Program is to promote inter-generational sharing of stories of California, provide library staff with digital storytelling program skills, create a statewide history resource of life in California, and encourage partnerships between the library and community.


Twenty-four stories have been recorded using the Digital Storytelling Station. Each story was edited with media (video, photographs, music) provided by either the storytellers, or available in the public domain. The stories are then loaded to Youtube where they are available to the general public via the Internet. A DVD copy of the stories is also available in three volumes at the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library and the individual storytellers receive copies of their videos. The library is committed to producing further stories over the next few years to expand this initial collection.

"Live Theatre in Monterey Park" by Cici Lau

Live Theatre in Monterey Park by Cici Lau

"Monterey Park Art Fixture" by Ricardo Mendoza

Monterey Park Art Installation by Ricardo Mendoza

"Multiculturalism in Art" by Tianne Kimoto

Multiculturalism in Art by Tianne Kimoto

"English Only" by Annette Lee

English Only by Annette Lee

"Growing up in the Walker Family" by Beryl Williams

Growing up in the Walker Family by Beryl Williams

"Nancy Kwan's Biggest Fan" by Cindy Yee

Nancy Kwans Biggest Fan by Cindy Yee

"Monterey Park Historical Museum" by Beryl Williams

The Monterey Park Historical Museum by Beryl Williams

"Southern Fried Rice" by John Jung

Southern Fried Rice by John Jung

"Laura Scudder" by Pauline Lemire

Laura Scudder by Pauline Lemire

"Coming to America" by Nancy Yee

Coming to America by Nancy Yee

"My Hollywood Career" by Nancy Yee

My Hollywood Career by Nancy Yee

"Library Supporter & Reading Advocate" by Norman Jaffe

Library Supporter and Reading Advocate by Norman Jaffe

"Mexican Revolution Family Stories" by Louie Morales

Family Stories from the Mexican Revolution by Louie Morales

"Japanese American Farmers in WW II" by Beryl Williams

Japanese American Farmers during World War II by Beryl Williams

"Portraits of Dancers" by Martha Mejia

Portraits of Dancers by Martha Mejia

"Butterflies in Flight" by Shirley Huang Batman (English)

Butterflies in Flight by Shirley Huang Batman (English)

"Grand Marshall of Monterey Park" by Gloria Guerrero

Honorary Grand Marshall of Monterey Park by Gloria Guerrero

"History of East Los Angeles College" by Earnest Moreno

The History of East Los Angeles College by Earnest Moreno

"Local photographer Enrique Armendariz" (English)

Local photographer Enrique Armendariz (English)

"Butterflies in Flight" by Shirley Huang Batman (Mandarin)

Butterflies in Flight by Shirley Huang Batman (Mandarin)

"Chinese American Citizens Alliance" by Winston Wu

Chinese American Citizens Alliance by Winston Wu

"Community Kinship" by Steve Wong & Mike Truong

Community Kinship by Steve Wong and Mike Truong

"Fotógrafo Enrique Armendariz" (Spanish)

Fotografo Enrique Armendariz (Spanish)

Photographing the San Gabriel Mission" by Jennifer Castro

Photographing the San Gabriel Mission by Jennifer Castro