Library Cards & Fees

Digital library cards are available for patrons who do not have a Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library card, but wish to access our digital resources during the library closure. To obtain a digital library card, please contact the Circulation Desk at (626) 307-1366 or complete the Digital Library Card Request form.

Library Card Holder Information

  • Applicants must present a valid California Driver’s License or ID or both a photo ID and verification of home address.
  • Library card holder is responsible for everything checked out on his or her card.
  • There is no charge for the first library card.
  • The library card holder must make sure items are returned on or before the due date or pay the resulting overdue fines.
  • The library card holder cannot check out materials if he or she has overdue items or has any outstanding fines or fees of $5.00 or more.
  • Items can be renewed once (except for new books), as long as there are no holds or fees on the item, and the library card holder has less than $5 in overdue fines.

Fines & Fees

  • The maximum overdue fine is the library’s cost of the item or $12 for children’s materials and $24 for adult / young adult materials, whichever is less, and the item must be returned.
  • Lost items are charged the library’s cost plus a processing fee. If no cost is available, the default cost applies. Replacement copy is acceptable after approval from selector.
  • Materials not reparable and/or not in usable condition are charged as a damaged item. The library will retain the item.
  • If a person damages or tries to steal library materials, library equipment or property, the person or the parents / guardian will be charged the replacement cost of the item plus the processing fee. The person will not be able to keep the item. The police may take additional action, as vandalism and theft are considered crimes.


Refunds for lost items are granted within one year of payment under the following conditions:

  • Item returned is in good condition as determined by library staff.
  • The overdue fine or processing fee, whichever is greater, is deducted from the amount to be refunded.
  • Refund checks are mailed to the library card holder (no cash refunds).

Fines & Fees Schedule

Circulation MaterialsLoan PeriodFeesFine
Adult fiction21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Adult fiction (New)14 daysN/A$.25 per day
Adult nonfiction21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Adult nonfiction (new)14 daysN/A$.25 per day
Adult paperback (not cataloged)21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Audiobook21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Children’s book21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Children’s book /CD set21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Children’s magazines7 daysN/A$.25 per day
Children’s paperback (not cataloged)21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Compact disk21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Government document21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Pamphlet21 daysN/A$.25 per day
DVD (New Releases)2 days$2.00/2 Days$2.00 per day
DVD (New Releases Blu-Ray)2 days$3.00/2 Days$3.00 per day
DVD (Feature)7 days$1.65 per week$1.25 per day
Blu-Ray (Feature)7 days$2.10 days$2.00 per day
DVD (nonfiction)7 daysN/A$1.25 per day
Young adult fiction21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Young adult nonfiction21 daysN/A$.25 per day
Library ServicesFee
Photocopy - Black and White
25 cents per page
50 cents per page
Library card look-up fee65 cents
Hold not pick up or cancelled after being processed50 cents
InterLibrary (ILL)$5.85 per request plus charges of lending library
ILL photocopy$5.85 per page over 20 pages, pages 1-20 are free
Replacement of Lost / Damaged ItemsFee
Processing fee$10.00
Accompanying material$9.05 per item
CD case (single) / bag from children’s book and CD set2.10 per case or bag
Audio book case (Multiple volume)$4.80 per case
DVD case$9.05 per case
Book rebinding$27.65 per book
Damaged / torn page$2.15 per page
Library card$3.00 per card
Plastic Jacket/Sleeve Replacement$2.15 per jacket/sleeve
DVD Inside Jacket$5.90 per jacket