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The City of Monterey Park is centrally located by the 10, 710, and 60 freeways. It is only 8 miles from Downtown Los Angeles and 25 miles from the Port of Long Beach. It continues to have renewed development interest in numerous projects, particularly multi-unit housing, hotels, and commercial developments. The City is currently working with the Monterey Park Market Place developer to help facilitate the third phase of this regional power center. There are also two new hotels, with one in the plan development on North Atlantic Blvd to meet the growing demands of the tourist industry in the San Gabriel Valley area. Several mainstream home builders are developing new single-family residential communities in the City.

Numerous exciting developments are underway, reshaping the City's landscape and enhancing its offerings. New commercial spaces are emerging, fostering a vibrant business scene and catering to diverse consumer needs. The City is also witnessing growth in residential construction, accommodating a rising population, and providing modern living spaces. These developments reflect the City’s commitment to progress, balancing both economic vitality and community enrichment. Applying the principles of good density, mixed-use, well-connected, and integrated urban environments will cater to a range of income and population groups and contribute to the vibrancy and authenticity of Monterey Park.