Where can residents place their trash bins?

Garbage can, solid waste container, solid waste, junk, bulky items,  placed or maintained so as to be visible from neighboring properties or the public right-of-way, except for those times scheduled for collection, in accordance with this code;

Trash enclosures must be maintained in a closed manner at all times to prohibit visibility of trash container from public rights-of-way or adjacent property.

6.08.060 Containers for residential collection.

    (a)    To protect public health, safety, and well-being against the growth and spread of vectors, it is the duty of every person in possession, charge, or control of any residential property within the city, in or from which refuse accumulates or is produced, to keep in a suitable place and utilize the containers provided by the servicer. No other containers shall be used;

    (b)    If the capacity of the containers provided by the servicer is insufficient for the quantity of all refuse, recyclables and/or yard waste generated at the premises between pickups, then the residential service customer shall subscribe to such additional service as determined and required by the servicer to protect the public health, safety, and well-being against the growth and spread of vectors from such refuse, recyclables and/or yard waste;

    (c)    All refuse and recyclables to be collected shall be placed in the containers provided by servicer, as follows:

    (1)    Curbside Service;

    (A)   Refuse and recyclables (not including yard waste) shall be placed in the black container(s);

    (B)   Yard waste shall be placed in the green container(s);

    (C)   No such container may be placed for pickup if its contents exceed three hundred pounds;

    (2)    Bin Service. The occupant shall place refuse and recyclables in the bin(s) provided by the servicer;

    (3)    Construction and demolition debris. Except for disposal by a self hauler pursuant to Section 6.08.280, construction and demolition debris shall be placed in the debris box(es) provided by the servicer and/or the black container(s) for refuse and recyclables provided by the servicer (the black containers are subject to the three hundred pound weight limit);

    (d)    To minimize interference with the public rights-of-way, no person shall place a container or bulky item on a parkway for collection service earlier than twenty-four hours prior to the normal collection date as specified by the director of public works. To minimize interference with public rights-of-way, any containers not collected from or any bulky items not removed shall be removed from the public right-of-way location by midnight of the scheduled day of collection;

    (e)    Unless otherwise directed by the servicer, containers shall be placed for collection on the street with the wheels of each against the curb and at least one foot distance between each container. In instances where no curb exists, containers shall be placed as close to the edge of the street as practicable with the wheels toward the lot. For alley collection, containers shall be placed on the lot as close to the right-of-way line of the alley as practicable. No occupant shall move any bin or debris box placed by the servicer. (Ord. 2003 § 1, 2002)

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