Dealing with Expansive Soil

Information About Expansive Soil

Expansive soils are the types of soils that swell when wet. They are present in many parts of this city. Claystone and alluvium are most common, followed by siltstone. Combined with the hilly terrains in Monterey Park, they also contribute to slope creeping, settlement and landslide problems.

Site drainage, landscaping and irrigation have a crucial impact on maintenance of properties on expansive soils. Properly constructed footing and slab give you a great bang on the bulk when dealing with expansive soils. The following are some helpful tips for you to cope with the annoying types of soils.

Landscaping on Expansive Soils

Helpful tips on landscaping on expansive soils (PDF) and site maintenance from Colorado State University.

Footing & Slab on Expansive Soils

The city's guideline for footing and slab construction on expansive soils (PDF). New constructions must follow this guideline unless a soils investigation report suggests otherwise.