Climate Action Plan

Monterey Park Climate Action Plan

The primary purpose of the Climate Action Plan (CAP) is to set forth a comprehensive strategy to address GHG emissions related to land use, transportation, building design, energy use, water demand, and waste generation. A CAP is a city's roadmap to reducing community GHG emissions associated with both existing and future actions and activities. The CAP focuses GHG-reducing efforts to areas that will have the greatest environmental benefit, have the least financial cost (or even savings), and preserve the character of the community.

The CAP provides strategies and programs for government facilities, businesses and residents that can lead to a reduction of GHG emissions from daily activities. The CAP sets goals to reduce GHG emissions produced in the city by 2020, but it will be difficult to meet these goals without your participation.

Importance of Participation

Daily activities conducted within the city, by residents and businesses, have a toll on the overall environment of the community. Nearly all activities conducted within the city have some form of GHG emission: More than 30% of total GHG emissions in Monterey Park are a result of energy used for commercial and residential buildings.

The transportation of goods and people generates approximately 48% of Monterey Park's GHG emissions (264,920 MT CO2e in 2009). Within Monterey Park, the majority of commute, shopping, and recreational trips are done in private automobiles.

How to Participate

Take a look at the development of the new Healthy and Sustainable Monterey Park Elements and how you can incorporate your ideas. Any questions regarding the Climate Action Plan should be directed to the Planning Division at (626) 307-1315.