1. City Attorney

    Find out the responsibilities of the Monterey Park City Attorney.

  2. City Clerk's Office

    Understand the duties of the city clerk.

  3. City Manager

    Learn all about the Monterey Park City Manager.

  4. Community & Economic Development

    Discover information about planning, zoning, building, housing, and code enforcement within the Community and Economic Development Department.

  5. Fire Department

    Fire Department Home Page

  6. Human Resources & Risk Management

    Find out how Monterey Park hires and retains qualified employees.

  7. Library

    Take in all that the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library has to offer.

  8. Management Services

    Learn about the support provided by management services to other city departments.

  9. Police

    Immerse yourself in the actions of the Monterey Park Police Department.

  10. Public Works

    View the upkeep of the City's infrastructure.

  11. Recreation & Community Services

    Explore the different recreational programs and community services available in Monterey Park.