Medical History

About the Program

If you should need the care of the Monterey Park Fire Department paramedics, it is important to have your current medical information available to the attending paramedics.

This information will expedite your care and will help you get to an emergency facility much quicker. To help residents with this issue the Monterey Park Fire Department now has a patient medical history program. A person fills out the medical form listing his/her current medical condition, medications that he/she is currently taking, and if he/she has any allergies to medication. This information is placed in an envelope, marked Attention Paramedics, and taped or clipped to the outside of your refrigerator door. In the event that you need paramedic service the paramedics will look for the form in that location.

We do not want you to mail you medical information to the Fire Department. This is your private information and is to be kept in your home and only used by the paramedics in the event of an emergency.