Code Enforcement

Division Responsibility

The Code Enforcement Division has the primary responsibility for the investigation and enforcement of all Municipal Code violations such as: property maintenance, public nuisances, zoning / land use, substandard rental housing, commercial signage, graffiti, etc. The division also monitors the graffiti abatement and shopping cart removal contracts. The division is comprised of the director of Development Services, three code enforcement officers and a senior clerk typist.

Division Authority

Our primary authority is contained in the Monterey Park Municipal Code as well as other various state and county codes relating to private property. Violators are given written notification to voluntarily comply within a specified time frame. When a responsible person of a property fails to comply by a given deadline, Code Enforcement Officers have several enforcement options to seek corrections.

Compliance Tools

Compliance tools consist of:

  • Administrative citations (fines escalate from $100 for the first offense, $250 for a second offense, $500 for the third and $1,000 for the fourth and subsequent violations)
  • Filling of criminal complaints by the city's prosecutor in the Superior Court
  • Having the city's administrative hearing officer declare a property a public nuisance
  • Ordering the abatement of the nuisance
  • Assessing a tax lien on the property for the clean up

Officers take pride in the thousands of yearly inspections they perform by maintaining community standards and preventing the reduction of property values.

Resident Phone Calls

Residents are always encouraged to contact the division when a suspected code violation exists in your neighborhood. You may call us at 626-307-1415, during business hours to report a complaint. Residents are requested to provide an exact address, the nature of the complaint, and a phone number so that we may reach you for further follow-up.