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1. The pre-inspection form talks about number of floor times $58 equals the amount due. How does this work?
2. Is there a fee for the inspection?
3. If you are charging on a per floor basis, why do you need to know how many units I have?
4. What forms do we need to return to the Fire Department?
5. The checklist indicates if we answer any question “no” that we will need to correct it. Some items appear to indicate that we have to spend large amount of money on the units, will we be required to?
6. Are you asking the owner or agent for the owner to certify that our smoke detectors are operating properly, how do we accomplish this?
7. What if I don’t know if my smoke detectors are state approved or installed correctly?
8. I must provide a fire extinguisher(s) on my property. What do I need to do?
9. I want to buy and provide my own fire extinguisher(s) for my property / tenants? Are there any drawbacks?
10. What about vandalism? Can I keep the fire extinguisher(s) indoors?
11. I have a two-story building with one unit on each floor, do I need to provide a fire extinguisher on each floor?
12. Do I need to provide a fire extinguisher in the laundry room?
13. Can we call to schedule the fire and life safety inspection?