When does the Monterey Park Police Department use UAS (drones)?

MPPD uses UAS in a variety of circumstances, such as documenting crime and accident scenes, searching for missing or wanted persons, fires, and evaluating damage after a major incident or natural disaster. These can happen anywhere in the city and the MPPD UAS Team will respond to those on an as-needed basis. The Monterey Park Police Department UAS Team intends to use UAS in innovative ways to serve the community. The UAS may be deployed to fly towards the scene of such incidents as a crime in progress, serious accident, officer in need of assistance, or any other incident where having advanced knowledge of what is happening at the scene before police and fire first responders arrive may add to safety and efficiency. 

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1. What is a drone or UAS?
2. Where is the video and photos taken by the UAS stored?
3. Who has access to the video and photos?
4. How is my privacy protected?
5. Can foreign countries gain access to MPPD’s drone data or information through a drone’s built-in software?
6. What training do UAS pilots undergo?
7. What rules and regulations must MPPD’s UAS pilots follow?
8. Why does MPPD use UAS rather than helicopters?
9. When does the Monterey Park Police Department use UAS (drones)?
10. For more FAQs related to UAS, please visit the Federal Aviation Administration’s FAQ page.
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