What is Slurry Seal?
Slurry Seal is a petroleum-based emulsion product, mixed with fine aggregate rock and fillers. It is blended on-site in a large truck, and then applied evenly across the entire surface of an asphalt street. A slurry seal is typically 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch thick. By reusing old tires and tennis balls as the filler and using special emulsion, new technology allows us to apply a slurry solution in the morning and then drive on it in the evening.

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1. What is Slurry Seal?
2. What does it do?
3. When will my street be slurried?
4. How will this affect access to my street?
5. How will this affect the mail and other services?
6. What will city crews be doing to prepare the streets for slurry seal?
7. What will city crews be doing after my street is slurried?
8. Why are small rocks collecting along the edge of my street?