Parking Spaces

Although this question asks for quantifying the specific need of parking spaces, parking standards are developed not only as mere numbers, but as major components to a successful business' image and viability. Parking standards will serve for the basis functions of circulation and vehicle storage, and also provide for pedestrian safety, convenience and visual aesthetics.

Section 21.40.020 of the Monterey Park Municipal Code identifies the minimum parking spaces required for various land uses. Generally, in computing the parking requirements, they are based upon using gross square feet of a building. Other cases, factors such as number of students, employees, rooms, beds or seats are used.

Uses Number of Parking Required

When a specific parking number is not identified, the code requires a special parking study to be approved by the planning commission in order to determine the appropriate number. Some examples of required numbers of parking spaces for common commercial and industrial uses include the following:

  • General retail ( less than 100,000 square feet) 5.5 per 1,000 square feet per KSF - minimum of five
  • General office (one to three story building) Four per KSF - minimum three spaces
  • Four to nine story building - 3.5 per KSF
  • Then story building or more - three per KSF
  • Medical office 5.5 per KSF
  • Hospital - three per bed
  • Bank / savings and Loan - five per KSF
  • Bank with drive-up service - six per KSF
  • Trade school - one per student
  • Child care - one per employee + 0.2 per student
  • Hotel - 0.94 per room (with facilities)
  • Hotel - 1.5 per room (without facilities)
  • Motel - 0.84 per room
  • Industrial / manufacturing - 2.5 per KSF, minimum 3 spaces
  • Warehousing - one per KSF