Transportation Services

  1. Dial-A-Ride
  2. Dial-A-Taxi
  3. Metro Tap Card
  4. Mature Driving course



Dial-A-Ride (DAR) is a FREE SHARED transportation service for Monterey Park Senior Residents ages 55 years or older and/or have a signed form from a physician attesting to a disability that travels within City limits, except for medical appointments to adjacent communities in Alhambra, Montebello, San Gabriel and other unincorporated LA County areas. How do I join?
To become a DIAL-A-RIDE member, residents must complete an application and provide proof of residency with photo (drivers license or current ID). Applications (PDF) are available at the Langley Center and can be submitted in person or by mail to:

Langley Center - Dial-A-Ride, 400 W Emerson Avenue, Monterey Park CA 91754.
 For more information, contact Dial-A-Ride at 626-307-1396 from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
How do I make an appointment?

To your destination:

Call the Dispatcher desk 626-307-1395 OR 626-307-1396) and provide the dispatcher name, address, phone number, time of pick up, and any special accommodations (wheelchair, walker, etc). Medical appointments need to be made at least 5 days in advance and regular appointments need to be made at least 3 days in advance. We go by a first come, first serve basis.

Going back home:

Call the dispatcher desk to schedule your return pick up. It will typically take 15 to 30 minutes for your pick up to arrive.

Where can I go?

  • Anywhere within Monterey Park
  • Alhambra Hospital:100 S Raymond Avenue
  • Health Care Partners:22 and 55 S Raymond Avenue
  • Pacific Medical Center:707 Garfield Avenue
  • Eye Physician and Surgeon:416 W Las Tunas Dr.
  • Facey Building:207 S Santa Anita Avenue
  • San Gabriel Medical Center:218 S Santa Anita Avenue
  • Beverly Hospital:309 W Beverly Boulevard
  • Kaiser Permanente (Montebello):1550 Montebello Town Center Dr.
  • Internal Medical Group:101 W Beverly Boulevard
  • Health Care Partners:2601 and 2603 Via Campo
  • Kaiser Permanente (East Los Angeles):5119 Pomona Boulevard