Resources Element

From the Common Place

"The measure of any great civilization is its cities. And a measure of a city's greatness is to be found in the quality of its public spaces, its parks and squares."
-John Roskin, Common Place


Monterey Park residents value the many resources that distinguish the community: a diverse and well-maintained park system, the historic Cascades Park and Jardin del Encanto complex, and an Arts and Cultural Commission that promotes community awareness and participation in the arts. The Resources Element focuses on the conservation and enhancement of these resources, and addresses regional water and air quality resource issues that affect planning decisions.

Scope & Content of the Resources Element

State General Plan law requires every community to address the preservation of open space and the conservation of natural resources. Section 65302 of the Government Code calls for preparation of both a Conservation and Open Space Element which, because they address overlapping issues, are often combined. Since Monterey Park is a built-out urban community, the city offers few "natural" resources such as forests or wildlife habitat or agricultural land. This Resources Element, therefore, directs policy toward preserving those resources important in the urban environment of Monterey Park and critical to preserving this city's heritage for future generations. These resources are:

  • City parks and other improved open space areas
  • Historic resources
  • Water resources
  • Air quality