Public Utility Systems

Sewage Collection and Disposal

City residents depend upon reliable sewer, water, and drainage systems to protect public health. The sewage collection system, maintained by the Maintenance Services Division, is comprised of 11 subsystems, each of which outlets into regional transmission mains operated by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County. Around East Los Angeles Community College, sewer lines outlet into a collection system under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

The 1996 Sewer Master Plan identifies and recommends means to address city sewer system deficiencies through the year 2016. The plan accounts for anticipated population growth and demand increases on the collection system. Per the plan, the city continues to maintain and upgrade the system as demand warrants.

Water Service

In the desert-like conditions of Southern California, water is a precious resource. Historically, growth throughout the region has been supported by imported water supplies, as local resources often fall far short of meeting urban water demands. Monterey Park represents an anomaly in that the city relies solely upon local groundwater supplies to meet customers' needs. For emergencies, the city can turn to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the California Water Services Company.

The 1996 Water Master Plan identifies several concerns with the city's aging water production and transmission system, as well as deteriorating water quality conditions at selected wells, where concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have risen over the years. The Water Master Plan outlines a phased program to address water line maintenance and replacement needs, to accommodate a gradual population increase, and to avoid VOC problems into the future.

Storm Drains

The majority of the storm drain system in Monterey Park is municipally owned and operated; however, about 20% is managed by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. The storm drain system handles run-off of storm water from all streets and parking facilities.

Goal Thirteen

Provide adequate sewer, water, and drainage systems to meet the needs of city residents and businesses.

  • Policy 13.1
    Implement recommended sewer system improvements in the Sewer Master Plan, 1996.
  • Policy 13.2
    Implement recommended water system improvements in the Water Master Plan, 1996.
  • Policy 13.3
    Continue to survey and upgrade the city's storm drain system.