Special Presentations

Presentation smallStranger Danger
The Stranger Danger program is an educational presentation for grade school children in Monterey Park. This presentation teaches awareness of the meaning of strangers, how to avoid contact with them, and what to do if confronted by one. Generally, these presentations are given in local elementary schools. However, all children’s groups are encouraged to participate in this presentation.

Adult Schools
Adult Schools in Monterey Park are invited to participate in our Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch programs as well. Meetings can be scheduled with a community service officer and topics discussed will be similar to those handled in Business and Neighborhood Watch.

Bilingual Presentations
All presentations given by the Monterey Park Police Department can be translated into several languages. 

If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact the Monterey Park Police Department’s Community Relations Bureau at 626-307-1215 for more information