Goals & Policies

Goal One

Ensure easy, convenient access from Monterey Park to the Pomona Freeway (State Route 60), Long Beach Freeway (Interstate 710), and San Bernardino Freeway Interstate 10), while minimizing freeway impacts on the local street system.

  • Policy 1.1
    Support efforts of the California Department of Transportation to improve traffic flow on the freeway system and thereby reduce impacts on the city's arterial roadway network.
  • Policy 1.2
    Participate actively in efforts to lobby elected officials and state and federal legislatures for completion of the Long Beach Freeway (Interstate 710).
  • Policy 1.3
    Support efforts of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and other transportation agencies to increase use of mass transit and other alternatives to the private automobile as a way to reduce traffic loads on the freeways.
  • Policy 1.4
    Support the efforts of regional agencies to establish a dedicated truck lane on the Pomona Freeway.