Discount / Volume Retail Center 

The transformation of an old landfill and underutilized Southern California Edison properties adjacent to the Pomona Freeway into a major retail center represents a key economic goal. Discount and volume retail uses draw shoppers from outside the city into Monterey Park to spend tax dollars.

Goal Seven

Create a major regional serving commercial center north and south of Potrero Grande Drive, north of the Pomona Freeway.

  • Policy 7.1 - Work with the City of Montebello to ensure good access to the OII / Edison area via the Pomona Freeway.
  • Policy 7.2 - Encourage development of retail businesses within the OII / Edison area which serve a regional market and maximize tax revenue potential.
  • Policy 7.3 - Work closely with Southern California Edison to create a reuse plan for all OII Edison properties, including those leased to the San Gabriel Nursery, that optimizes potential for retail commercial and complementary development.
  • Policy 7.4 - Pursue public infrastructure improvements that will support and facilitate redevelopment of the OII / Edison area.
  • Policy 7.5 - Work with Caltrans to enhance the appearance of Pomona Freeway frontage bordering the OII / Edison area.