Our Programs

Adult Basic English Services One to One

The LAMP Literacy Program provides one –to-one tutoring and small group instruction in basic literacy to adult learners. Tutoring is conducted by  trained volunteer tutors. Each learner completes a “Roles and Goals” form and works on meeting those goals.  LAMP integrates tutoring services with laptop computers, and LCD projectors that can be borrowed from the office by tutors to expand the learning lessons outlined in the Roles and Goals form. This program provides English instruction to improve reading, writing and speaking skills to students who have limited exposure with the English Language. This program is also referred to as the ABE (Adult Basic Education) Program and students also receive technology support in using the computer lab and the Rosetta Stone software to track their learning progress.

Families for Literacy Program  (FFL)

Our Families for Literacy Program structures programs to strengthen and involve families with children under the age of five who want to improve their reading skills and their English. Programs are customized to present story-time for adult learners/parents in the literacy program as well as parents in the community who need help in establishing early literacy foundations to their children. Interactive play settings along with stage performances to bring out characters in books are highlighted to bring a living book interaction method of reading.  Parents are introduced to oral reading methods and the importance of dramatic play in engaging family reading time at home.  Presentations are coordinated by the literacy administrator and presented by Early Child Development experts in the field. A craft is also done with the young participants to connect the reading to the story.  Quality children’s books are given to each family who attend these programs.

ELLI (English Library Literacy Intensive) Reading Rockets

Children enrolled in local elementary schools who are struggling with reading below their grade levels are targeted by school principals and enrolled in the Reading Rocket Program at the library. This intensive support program won the National Public Library Association Award in 2013 for having an innovative literacy program in a library setting. Elementary students are selected and grouped by grade levels 2-6 and work in small groups with a trained instructor in English reading, writing skills.  Reading selections are chosen from the Department of Education Reading Suggestion list for each specific grade. Students attend the ELLI Program three times a week for one month and rotate every other month.  Reading and homework assistance is also provided to support the day lessons.  The intent of the program is to raise the CELDT scores and improve reading levels in students.

ESL Program (English as a Second Language)

Every level of English as a Second Language instruction is provided to learners at the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library.  LAMP offers classes from Basic Phonics to Advanced English as well as two Conversation classes.  Adult learners are pre-tested and assessed for placement into one of these classes. Volunteer instructors are either credentialed teachers or receive training in English instruction to second language learners by the literacy administrator who holds a Masters in Education and several teaching credentials.  Students are reassessed after 40 hours of instruction and given post tests to measure learning growth or progress.  Students use workbooks related to Life Skills and all curriculum meets the California Standards and Competencies. 

Citizenship Preparation

The LAMP Literacy Program provides Citizenship Preparation to over five hundred students annually and has a 95% successful rate.  There are four Citizenship Preparation classes in the LAMP Program with two additional Support classes for those students who have a Naturalization Exam scheduled.  All students receive a one to one intake to further prepare them for their Exit Interview and to ensure they are knowledgeable on American History and Civics.  Students are offered both classroom and one to one settings for their learning. Preparation and instructions for the N-400 Application is also provided.  LAMP also partners with local Immigration Services such as the American Pacific Asian Legal Center and with colleges such as Claremont School of Pitzer to provide one to one interview preparation.