Goals & Policies for 11 - 13

Goal 11

Continue to provide opportunities for persons of all incomes to find suitable housing.

  • Policy 11.1
    Encourage the provision of new housing, the rehabilitation of substandard units, and maintenance of the existing housing stock to meet the objectives of the Housing Element.

Goal 12

Create vibrant mixed-use districts in which housing represents an important part of the neighborhood fabric.

  • Policy 12.1
    Establish zoning incentives to encourage construction of new housing within areas designated Mixed Use I and Mixed Use II.
  • Policy 12.2
    Establish site design criteria for the Mixed Use I and Mixed Use II categories / zone districts that provide for compatibility between commercial and residential uses.

Adjacent Unincorporated Areas

Although the cities of Alhambra, Rosemead, and Montebello share common borders with Monterey Park, substantial land areas to the east and southwest lie within unincorporated Los Angeles County (see Figure LU-2 (PDF)). East Los Angeles has a distinct community identity, but to the east, the 579 acre area known as South San Gabriel is less well defined. The Los Angeles County Local Agency Formation Commission, known as LAFCO, has designated this latter area as lying within Monterey Park's sphere of influence. Should property owners within this area vote to annex to a city, LAFCO has identified Monterey Park as the most logical city.

East Los Angeles

The community of East Los Angeles extends from Monterey Park's southwestern boundary west toward unincorporated Boyle Heights and the city of Commerce. East Los Angeles represents a distinct geographic area that has historic significance for the Latino community.

Abutting Floral Drive in Monterey Park, East Los Angeles contains many small commercial and industrial businesses that have the potential to benefit from economic development activity in adjacent areas of Monterey Park. The city, in turn, sees the advantage in enhancing the aesthetic character of Floral Drive as a gateway to the Corporate Center. Thus, the city has designated that portion of East Los Angeles adjacent to its boundary as an Area of Interest. This label indicates the city's desire to:

  • Discuss with Los Angeles County joint efforts to pursue improvements along Floral Drive and within adjacent business districts.
  • Participate actively in any LAFCO discussions regarding annexations or incorporations affecting East Los Angeles.

South San Gabriel

Residential single-family neighborhoods represent the predominant land use within South San Gabriel, with small commercial centers at major street intersections. Because the area has neither a distinct geographic nor historic cultural relationship to Monterey Park, annexation of all or portions of the area has not been established as a city priority. The Land Use Policy Map includes land use designations for South San Gabriel to provide for compatibility with adjacent areas within the city in the event any such unincorporated area becomes part of Monterey Park.

Los Angeles County has adopted a land use plan and Community Standards District for South San Gabriel aimed toward improving physical and economic conditions in the area. The city will review these regulations for appropriateness should the area be considered for annexation.

Goal 13

Ensure long-term compatibility between land uses in Monterey Park and development in adjacent unincorporated Los Angeles County areas.

  • Policy 13.1
    Work with Los Angeles County agencies to pursue mutually beneficial improvements to properties within the Floral Drive corridor.
  • Policy 13.2
    Participate actively in any Los Angeles County Local Agency Formation Commission discussions regarding annexations or incorporations affecting East Los Angeles properties adjacent to the city.