Lost, Stolen or Abandoned Shopping Carts

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Removing a shopping cart (without permission) from the parking lot of a market is a violation of State Law and the City of Monterey Park Shopping Cart Ordinance. (California Business and Professions Code, Section 22435 and Monterey Park Municipal Code (MPMC) 9.74.070. It is also a violation to possess a shopping cart outside the premises or parking lot of the market or to leave or abandon a shopping cart on public property. (MPMC) 9.74.070 and 9.74.080. Lost, stolen or abandoned shopping carts have been declared to be a public nuisance. (MPMC 9.74.010)

Business Shopping Cart Requirements

Businesses with shopping carts are required to implement a Retrieval or Containment Plan. By implementing one of the two plans, businesses are better serving the community by assisting in the retrieval of their shopping carts. Business owners are required to affix signs to the shopping carts that identify the owner of the cart or retailer as well as a valid telephone number or address.

About Abandoned Shopping Carts

Abandoned shopping carts obstruct free access to public and private sidewalks, walkways, streets, alleys and other areas where people and vehicles travel. Shopping carts left on the sidewalk can easily roll onto the street creating a traffic hazard. Careless use of abandoned shopping carts can cause injury to individuals and/or damage vehicles or public and private property.

Abandoned shopping carts reduce property values and are a precursor to blight. Reducing or eliminating the number of abandoned shopping carts in an area is one way to ensure a stable and vibrant neighborhood.

Reporting an Abandoned Shopping Cart

If you notice an abandoned shopping cart on the sidewalk, street, alley or private property, please contact the City of Monterey Park Code Enforcement Division at 626-307-1415.

  • Please provide the market's name and exact street address or nearest cross street where the cart is located.
  • Code Enforcement personnel will notify the appropriate entity to remove the cart from the area.

Your assistance in reporting abandoned shopping carts will greatly enhance of vitality and cleanliness of the city. By working together we can rid the city of this nuisance.