Commercial Trucks in Our Neighborhood

Sighting of Unsightly Truck

Effective October 4, 2003, no person shall stop, park or stand any public nuisance vehicle upon any street, alley or public way within a residential zone. A "public nuisance vehicle" applies to any vehicle that, although operable, has substantial exterior body damage, has graffiti on the exterior, or has an open cargo storage area and cargo that is plainly visible to the public.

  • If you should see such a vehicle parked in your neighborhood on the street, alley or public way, please contact the Police Department at 626-573-1311.
  • For unsightly vehicles on private property, please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 626-307-1415.
Graffiti on Large White Truck

Parked Commercial Vehicles

If you observe, what appears to be, commercial vehicles operating out of a residence on a consistent basis, feel free to contact the Code Enforcement Division to investigate the issue and take follow-up action on the legality of the business operations and proper licensing. Please call 626-307-1415.