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About the App

The City of Monterey Park is thrilled to launch the Monterey Park Rewards, a free, new, and innovative shop local rewards program app designed to reward residents and visitors with MPK Points for shopping and dining at local businesses right here in Monterey Park.

Each MPK Point equals $1, funded by the City of Monterey Park and easily redeemed at local participating businesses. The program aims to reward new and existing customers for shopping and dining locally while helping our small business community to recover and thrive.  The app also provides businesses a platform to publish, market, and communicate directly with Monterey Park residents and visitors.

And the best part is, there is absolutely NO COST for businesses to participate!  The City of Monterey Park fully funds the MPK Points earned on the Monterey Park Rewards program.

Participating Business
A "Participating Business" is a business located in the City of Monterey Park that has agreed to participate in the Monterey Park Rewards Program. By doing so, the business enables customers to earn MPK Points when they shop at their business.

Participating Businesses will benefit from citywide marketing to encourage residents to shop local and being part of a small business customer loyalty program that increases foot traffic to your business and business districts.

Redeeming Business
A "Redeeming Business" is a business located in the City of Monterey Park that has agreed to participate in the Monterey Park Rewards Program  AND they accept MPK Points from customers as a form of payment. These Points (discounts) will be reimbursed to the business by the City of Monterey Park.

Redeeming businesses will benefit from being featured more prominently in the app as a place where customers can spend their MPK Points, boosted revenues for accepting MPK Points, which will be reimbursed by the City of Monterey Park.

How to be a Redeeming Business

Participating businesses may choose to become a redeeming business, meaning they will accept MPK Points as a payment at NO cost to their business.  MPK Points are reimbursed by the City of Monterey Park. Redeeming businesses will be featured in the app, and enjoy more foot traffic as customers look to spend their MPK Points. 

Video Tutorial Opens in new windowClick here to watch a tutorial on how to become a redeeming business.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1Click here to complete the application.
Step 2: If qualified, you will receive an email from us prompting you to:

  1. Sign an online agreement with the City of Monterey Park.
  2. Sign a payee registration form.

Step 3: Once your app profile is finished, a Shop Local Reward app liaison will visit your business to drop off branded flyers and other promotional items.


  • Must be in the following industries: 
    • Retail 
    • Food Services (Restaurants, Cafes, Coffeeshop, etc.)
  • Must be in good standing with the City (no liens or judges or outstanding code enforcement violations).  
  • Must be a legally operated for-profit business located within the City of Monterey Park city limits (home-based businesses are not eligible).
  • Must have a valid City of Monterey Park business license at the time the application is made.
  • Must be independently owned and operated with the principal business physically located within the Monterey Park city limits. Independently owned and operated franchise businesses and small to medium-sized corporate-owned regional chains are eligible. Corporate-owned national chains are not eligible.
  • Businesses must accept credit cards or debit cards.
  • Businesses should contribute to the overall quality and well-being of the community.Apply Here Opens in new window*Please note that you must have a gmail account (get one for free). If desired, we can assist in establishing your gmail account. 

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Got Questions

For any questions, please contact Joseph Torres, Economic Development Manager at (626) 307-1314 or or Sharlene Choy, Interim Economic Development Specialist at (626) 307-1382 or

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