Teleconference Procedures

Special Instructions for Council Meetings Held via Teleconference

Temporary meeting protocols are being utilized in accordance with Executive Order No. N-29-20, City Council Resolution No. 12142, and guidance from the California Department of Public Health on gatherings, remote public participation is allowed in the following ways.

General Notice Regarding Meetings:

  • Participants are encouraged to join the meeting 30 minutes before the start of the meeting. 
  • All meetings will be recorded including, without limitation, public comment.
  • Such recordings will include the name and/or phone numbers of individuals who are part of the audience even if you choose not to provide public comment.
  • Unless you are providing public comment, your audio will be muted.
  • If you choose to provide public comment, the City Clerk will identify you and unmute your audio.
  • Closed sessions of the City Council – if any – will not be recorded.

Public Communications:

The following applies to persons wishing to provide public communications regarding agenda items for either a regular meeting or a special meeting:

  • At least 24 hours before a meeting, provide the City Clerk’s office with an email to be read into the record not longer than 50 words; OR
  • At least 24 hours before a meeting, provide the City Clerk’s office with written correspondence -whether email or otherwise – that will be distributed to the City Council without being read into the record; OR
  • At least 24 hours before a meeting, request to address the City Council electronically via audio; OR 
  • During the meeting, send an email to before the close of public comment. To the extent feasible, the communication will be read into the record; OR
  • Public comment may be submitted via telephone during the meeting, before the close of public comment, by calling 877-853-5247 or 888-788-0099 and entering the unique meeting ID code posted in the agenda, then press pound (#). When prompted to enter participation ID number press pound (#) again. If participants would like to make a public comment they will enter “*9” then the Clerk’s office will be notified and you will be in the rotation to make a public comment. 
  • For Regular Meetings: Public Comment regarding any item of public interest within the City Council’s subject-matter jurisdiction will be accepted in the “Public Comment” section of the City Council Agenda.
  • For Special Meetings: Government Code § 54954.3(a) allows the City to limit public comment to only matters listed on the agenda. No other public comment will be accepted.

Meeting Decorum: 

  • Persons wishing to be audience members to the meeting may do so anonymously. Anonymous participants, however, will not be recognized for public comment.
  • Persons with names that violate community standards, e.g., fighting words, will not be admitted into the meeting. The City’s host will notify those persons in the waiting room that they must either change their participation meeting or will not be allowed into the meeting.
  • Persons will not be allowed rename themselves upon being admitted to the meeting from the “waiting room.”
  • Persons who seek to by-pass the City’s host controls will be dropped from, and blocked, from the meeting.