Vote Center Placement Project

The California Voter's Choice Act (SB 450) was passed on September 29, 2016. This new legislation authorized the County of Los Angeles to conduct any election as a vote center election including ballot drop-off locations and vote centers.

In 2020, Los Angeles County will transition from polling places to vote centers. This new model will allow voters to cast a ballot at any vote center location in the County over an 11-day period. The Vote Center Placement Project's (VCPP) core mission is to identify and place accessible and convenient vote center locations throughout Los Angeles County. The goals of the VCPP are as follows:

  • Ensure vote center locations are accessible and convenient to voters.
  • Gather and consider community input in vote center location selection.
  • Educate the public about the new voter experience.
  • Ensure the vote center implementation plan meets regulatory requirements.

Vote Center Experience

Interactive Sample Ballot

New Vote By Mail

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Paper Ballots vs Electronic Ballots 

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