Doubletree Hotel

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The DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton is a six-story, 180-room hotel with ancillary restaurant and retail spaces situated on a 1.12 acre site located at 220 N. Atlantic Boulevard just north of Garvey Avenue. The 97,876 square foot project will include 3 subterranean parking levels containing 263 parking spaces, along with 3 passenger/tour bus loading and unloading parking spaces providing adequate off-street parking.

The architectural style of the new hotel is modern. The building design features include the use of smooth stucco, natural wood panel cladding, glass curtain walls with aluminum mullions, and natural concrete finished walls. The columns located on the first floor will have aluminum cladding with routed out designs with acrylic backing and LED lighting for internal illumination.

Other design features include a grand decorative entry area with a water feature, tables and seating areas located adjacent to the hotel lobby area, meeting rooms, a business center, swimming pool and a fitness center. The third floor will feature an open courtyard with gathering places and the sixth floor will have an open roof deck area for the hotel guests.


  • Construction plans are anticipated for submittal by the end of the calendar year.

Project Contact: Yung C. Kao, AIA
Company: Architech Group
Phone: 626-570-9989
Email Architech Group

Planning Staff Contact: Samantha Tewasart, Senior Planner
Phone: 626-307-1315
Email Samantha Tewasart

Economic Development Staff: Michael Encinas,
Acting Economic Development Specialist
Phone: (626) 307-1385
Email Michael Encinas