Who is responsible for conducting city elections?
The city clerk's office conducts General Municipal Elections for the City of Monterey Park. As an elections official, the city clerk administers federal, state and local procedures through which local government representatives are selected.

The city clerk assists candidates in meeting their legal responsibilities before, during and after an election. From election planning to certification of election results and filing of final campaign disclosure documents.

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1. Who is responsible for conducting city elections?
2. When are elections held in the City of Monterey Park?
3. What do I need to do to become a candidate for the next city election? When can I obtain the required forms?
4. Where do I get the required forms to start a campaign committee? What forms do I need?
5. Does the City of Monterey Park have campaign contribution limits?
6. Where do I get election results? How long does it take to count the ballots?
7. How do I become a registered voter in Monterey Park?
8. On Election Day, how and where do I vote?