How do I comply with the "Safer at Home" order issued by the county and state?

On March 19, 2020, Los Angeles County and state officials ordered sweeping new restrictions asking nonessential businesses to close and residents to stay at home as much as possible to help contain the coronavirus. It will last through April 19, possibly longer.

The "Safer at Home" order calls for nonessential businesses to cease operations that require workers to be present in person. 

Residents should stay at home when not participating in essential activities like shopping for food, hardware supplies and medication. Gatherings should not be held beyond people inside a single home. 

LA County public health director Barbara Ferrer said the order includes: 


  • All public and private group events and gatherings are prohibited anywhere in LA County. 
  • Indoor malls, indoor shopping centers and nonessential retail businesses must close.
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children, except those at a child care center, must close.


These businesses and services will be allowed to continue. However, they must continue to practice social distancing and other protective measures.

  • Grocery stores, supermarkets, food banks, farmer markets, schools and child care centers.
  • Businesses and organizations that provide food, shelter, social services and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged people.
  • Gas stations, banks and financial institutions and hardware stores.
  • Plumbers and electricians can continue to operate.
  • Media outlets can continue to operate.
  • Laundromats and dry cleaners can stay open.
  • Metro and transportation services and residential facilities can continue to operate.
  • Outdoor activities like walking, running and bicycling are allowed as long as people practice social distancing.

To view/download the LA County health officer order, please visit

Even though the City of Monterey Park is not in their jurisdiction, the City of Los Angeles has created a detailed FAQ on the "Safer at Home" issue available at

Go to the Monterey Park’s Coronavirus Updates page.

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