House Main Line Do & Do Not's

Main ShutoffWater Supply Issues

If you have a plumbing problem that requires you to shut your water off and your house valve is broken or will not shut-off you must call the Water Utility Division for assistance to shut the water off at the street. This includes repairs to your house main line and applies even if you hire a professional plumber to assist in your plumbing needs.

Anything in the street at the meter box is the city's property. Only authorized city personnel are allowed to shut-off the valve in the meter box. If you or your plumber attempts to turn off the street side valve in the meter box and it breaks or is damaged, you will receive a bill for repairs. The average cost for these repairs is $1,500.

Contact Information

The Water Utility Division has 24-hour standby program so there is always somebody able to assist you with your water turn-on/turn-off needs. This includes weekends and holidays. When you call the after hours phone number, the Police Department will contact Water Division personnel on your behalf. For prompt service make sure to provide the Police Department with both your address and telephone number.