The Recreation and Community Services Department offers recreational facilities that may be reserved for use by private groups, schools, non profit organizations, businesses, churches, and individuals for picnics, birthdays, social events, meetings, classes, workshops, sporting events, etc.

Directing Your Requests

  • Langley Senior Center rentals: contact the center at 626-307-1395
  • Park and city hall facilities such as the Barnes Park Amphitheater, Service Club House or meeting rooms: Memo Chavez email 626-307-1476
  • Pool, gym, basketball court or baseball field rental: Orlando Muro  email  626-307-1389
  • Sheltered picnic reservations: recreation dept.email  626-307-1388.

Facility Rental

Reservations are subject to rental and staffing fees. Insurance coverage is also required. Please follow the following procedures to reserve a recreational facility.
  • A completed Application for Use of Facilities form must be submitted to city hall at least 15 working days prior to first scheduled date of use. Form must be signed by an adult who is responsible for planning and will be present at the event. Forms are available at the Recreation and Community Services Department office located in City Hall.
  • Facilities are available for reservations between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Facilities are reserved on an "as is" basis. The city will not provide special clean up or preparation. Groups must cleaned up and out of the building by the end of the approved reservation time.
  • Groups are required to pay reservation fees prior to usage. Non-profit organizations may utilize the facilities at a discounted rate. (Proof of non-profit status will be required) All Groups may be subject to a staffing fee and/or provide insurance coverage if it is deemed necessary by the nature of the event.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is required. User groups that are able may provide their own insurance coverage.
  • A certificate naming the city as additionally insured and an endorsement letter is required.
  • The minimum coverage is $2,000,000* combined single limit.
  • Users have the option of purchasing insurance coverage through the city.
  • Fees are based on estimated attendance and the nature of the event.
  • Low hazard events include social gatherings, parties, speaking engagements, meetings, exhibitions, etc.
  • Moderate hazard events such as dances and concerts (not rock, rap or heavy metal), stage shows, political and religious activities, etc., are subject to higher fees.

Available Facilities for Reservation

Recreational facilities that are available for reservations include:

*Please note that our "Application for Use of Facilites Form" may indicate an older, lower amount. $2 million is the current requirement.