Slurry Seal

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Slurry Seal is a petroleum-based emulsion product, mixed with fine aggregate rock and fillers. It is blended on-site in a large truck, and then applied evenly across the entire surface of an asphalt street. A slurry seal is typically 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch thick. By reusing old tires and tennis balls as the filler and using special emulsion, new technology allows us to apply a slurry solution in the morning and then drive on it in the evening.

Project Information: The Monterey Park City Council has allocated funding for the street rehabilitation of various residential streets. This project will provide a protective coating for the streets and is designed to seal and extend the life of the pavement.  

Project Duration: The Slurry Seal project was divided into three phases. Phase I was completed on _____. Work for Phase II of the project is scheduled to begin in August 2023 and will take approximately 2 months to complete. Phase III is anticipated to start in Fall 2023 and end in ______. 

Hours of construction will be from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for residential areas, Monday through Friday.

What to Expect: 



The images shown below are examples of what a street that has been slurried looks like during the stabilization process. These scuff marks will fade over time and do not impact the main purpose of the slurry seal coating or the drivability of the street.

Contact Information: To ensure open lines of communication with businesses and residents, the City has designated a project manager to handle all aspects of the project. To ensure quick response to your comments and concerns please call:

Monterey Park Project Manager, Vivian Chen (626) 307‐1320.

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Please do:

  • Avoid turning your wheels unless the vehicle is moving forward or backwards during the first 3 months after the project
  • Notify the City or contractor if a moving company or other commercial type vehicle is scheduled to come to your house within the next two weeks
  • Park in a nearby street if you plan on leaving after 8:00 A.M and be aware of "No Parking" zones on adjacent streets
  • Drive on the street only after it has been reopened for through traffic and drive slowly due to the new slurry seal being fairly fresh and could be easily damaged
  • The night before the work is to begin:
    • Remove all dumpsters and vehicles parked on the street
    • Turn off sprinklers that run water onto the street