Historic Resources

Residents of Monterey Park show a keen interest in the buildings, parks, and other places that create a sense of community history. This civic pride is reflected in a collection of cultural resources, including a listed historic resource and a historical museum, and organizations dedicated to the preservation of Monterey Park's historic and cultural resources. Three organizations in Monterey Park are dedicated to history, art, and culture of the city:

  • Historic Society
  • Historical Heritage Commission
  • Arts and Cultural Commission

Cascades Park & Jardin del Encanto Complex

The Cascades Park and Jardin del Encanto complex is listed on the on the California Register of Historic Resources. The State Historical Resources Commission describes the prominent feature of this complex as a water fountain that falls 70 feet in graceful steps and pools down the slope above Atlantic Boulevard. The Monterey Park Historical Museum, which is operated by the Historical Society, features 21 scaled models of the California missions and local artifacts.

The city recognizes cultural resources as an important part of the community. The following goal and policies support the preservation of cultural resources for future generations.

Goal Three

Preserve the historical resources of Monterey Park.

  • Policy 3.1
    Continue to support the efforts of the Historical Society, Historical Heritage Commission, and the Arts and Cultural Commission.
  • Policy 3.2
    Raise public awareness about Monterey Park's history and cultural resources.