Encroachment permit application (PDF) forms can be downloaded, completed and either mailed or emailed to Public Works Engineering Division.


Permit Fee

The encroachment permit fee is $480.00. Permanent encroachment permits require verification with an additional fee of $20.00. Property owner must submit legal description, proof of ownership, and sign a permit agreement prior to permit issuance and must maintain all insurance requirements. Permits must be renewed each year.

Penalty Fee

There is an $960.00 fee for work performed without a permit, plus inspection fee(s) if applicable.

Bond Posting

A refundable bond may be required if permit is to allow material storage or construction staging in the right-of-way. Bond amounts are set at the discretion of the City Engineer.


There is a minimum of  $2,000,000 Liability and $500,000 Property together with Worker's Compensation. The City of Monterey Park, Its Officers, Elected and Appointed Officials, Employees and Volunteers must be named as Additional Insured's.

Other Information

Please allow two weeks for permit processing. For questions or comments, please contact us at 626-307-1320.