Goals & Policies

Goal One

Minimize the potential damage to structures and loss of life that could result from earthquakes.

  • Policy 1.1
    Continue to implement Uniform Building Code seismic safety standards for construction of new buildings, and update the city's codes as needed in response to new information and standards developed at the State level.
  • Policy 1.2
    When modifications to existing older buildings are proposed, determine whether an engineering evaluation is required to identify seismic retrofit needs. Require that corrections be made to buildings deemed unsafe.
  • Policy 1.3
    Encourage residential property owners to implement seismic safety improvements in older buildings, such as anchoring buildings to foundations, bolting water heaters to walls, and performing other preventative measures.
  • Policy 1.4
    Participate in local, county, and state sponsored earthquake preparedness programs.

Goal Two

Ensure that all residents and business owners in Monterey Park have full and equal access to information regarding seismic hazards.

  • Policy 2.1
    Promote earthquake preparedness with publications available in the many languages spoken in the community.
  • Policy 2.2
    Provide earthquake preparedness information at city sponsored events.

Goal Three

Protect public and private properties from geologic hazards associated with steep slopes and unstable hillsides.

  • Policy 3.1
    Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the property maintenance, urgency, and grading ordinances in preventing mud and debris flows.
  • Policy 3.2
    Require that hillside developments incorporate measures that mitigate slope failure potential and provide for long-term slope maintenance.
  • Policy 3.3
    Develop a comprehensive approach to remediating unstable hillslopes in the vicinity of Abajo Drive.
  • Policy 3.4
    Require liquefaction studies to be prepared for new development proposed to be located in areas of the city with high susceptibility to liquefaction hazards.