Residential Street Disabled Parking

Designated Parking Locations

Blue curb designated for disabled parking is available for residents in front of their homes. Although the city is not required by the American's with Disabilities Act to provide this special program, it does in order to improve the quality of life of its residents.

Installation Request

The following documents are necessary to request the installation of blue curb or Disabled Parking on residential streets:

  • Copy of valid disabled parking permit registration form from the California DMV
  • Copy of valid driver's license or California Identification with current Monterey Park address
  • Completed Disabled Parking Space application form (available at the engineering counter or call 626-307-1320)

Please bring or mail these documents to the engineering counter located on the first floor in City Hall. Blue curb and proper signage is installed at the discretion of the city engineer and traffic consultant after thorough review of the parking conditions in the requested area. In making this determination consideration is give to whether the on-street disabled parking space is the closest and most accessible available parking to the residence.

Disabled Parking

To learn more about residential street disabled parking, view the corresponding webpage.