Special Response Team

SRT LogoThe Special Response Team (SRT) is a part-time tactical team comprised of 17 highly trained full-time police officers. The team is dedicated to safely ending critical incidents by using special tactics, tools and weapons. Some of the missions of SRT are:

  • Barricaded suspect
  • Search and arrest warrants
  • High-risk building and area searches
  • K-9 operations
  • High-risk prisoner transportation
  • Counter-sniper operations

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SRT officers are selected from volunteers within the Monterey Park Police Department. Officers have to serve a minimum tenure within the department before being able to apply for SRT. This tenure requirement is based on the fact that SWAT officers are still law enforcement officers and must have a thorough knowledge of department policies and procedures. All SRT members have collateral duties within the department and train monthly as a team. They are on call 24 hours a day to assist Monterey Park officers or other agencies.