Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau is divided into two sections: regular detective staff and the Crime Impact Team. The investigations bureau commander is responsible for managing the bureau’s operations. The Investigations Bureau commander is also responsible for all evidence / property maintained on police cases in the Evidence Bureau. One sergeant is assigned to assist the bureau commander as a first-line supervisors.


The Investigations Bureau is responsible for the investigation of all felony and misdemeanor complaints that occur within its jurisdiction. Investigators apprehend, interrogate, and process all persons arrested for these offenses; maintain a liaison with the district Attorney’s Office, and affect the recovery of stolen property. The Investigations Bureau is also charged with the investigation of various non-criminal matters, including missing persons, business and liquor applications, matters wherein an investigation would be beneficial to public welfare, or required by statute.

Crime Impact Team

The Crime Impact Team (CIT) is a task force designed to address major crime problems in the community. It is responsible for the investigation of vice, extortion, weapons, and gang-related crimes. CIT also serves as the repository for criminal intelligence data that is used to assist the Investigations Bureau, Field Services Bureau, and numerous outside law enforcement agencies.

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