Crime Statistics

Monthly crime statistics are provided to inform citizens of general crime information.  If you are interested in obtaining crime statistics for a particular location please contact the Monterey Park Police Department Records Bureau at 626-307-1211.

The Monterey Park Police Department divides the City into four different beats. An officer is assigned to patrol each beat. The beats are divided as follows:
  • Beat 1: The city limits west of Atlantic Blvd. and south of Garvey Ave.
  • Beat 2: The city limits north of Garvey Ave.
  • Beat 3: The city limits between Atlantic Blvd. and Garfield Ave., south of Garvey Ave.
  • Beat 4: The city limits east of Garfield Ave. and south of Garvey Ave.
All crimes are listed by the beat in which they occurred, location by 100 block, and the date and time (military hours) reported.
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