Well designed parking facilities that are safe, convenient, and attractive represent an essential part of a functioning transportation system. If employees, customers, and residents are unable to park their vehicles, the daily business of the community suffers.

The city acknowledges the role that adequate parking plays in creating successful business centers and is committed to ensuring its adequate provision. Furthermore, the city recognizes that land devoted to parking facilities occupies a large percentage of a commercial development site and therefore, parking must not only be functional but also attractive to achieve the city's urban design goals, as set forth in the Land Use Element.


Landscaping creates a pleasing appearance in an otherwise barren parking lot. The use of foliage is particularly important when a parking lot serves as the gateway to a development. Parking lot landscape design should consider safety, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics.


Parking facility lighting systems are intended to provide safety and security, but can also be used to achieve architectural effects. The city's design guidelines emphasize that lighting fixtures should be in keeping with the architectural character of the development.


The number of driveway openings required for a given development project varies depending on lot size, turnover rate, and relationship with adjoining streets. The city's primary goal is to limit the number of new driveway openings, thereby minimizing potential friction with street traffic and conflict with pedestrians.

Pedestrian Considerations

The city requires portions of all parking facilities to be reserved exclusively for pedestrian use. This design feature allows people to walk safely from their vehicles to building entrances. As a general rule, such pedestrian areas are required to be clearly marked.

Goal Six

Ensure that all development projects provide well designed parking facilities that are safe, convenient, and attractive.

  • Policy 6.1
    Adopt design standards and/or an ordinance that sets forth definitive standards for the design and construction of parking facilities.